Learning Ears®

Developed by Gayle L. Moyers, Learning Ears is an ear/voice training designed to improve:

  • Expressive Language
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Attention
  • Executive Function

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What is Ear/Voice Training?

150 exercises designed to be delivered via microphone, audio mixer and

headset. These lessons follow speech sound development.

With double word, short sentence, long sentence, triple word and poems there is plenty of opportunity to explore and refine language and learning.

Like all other facets of learning ears, Ear Voice Training is interactive, developmentally significant, engaging and joyful.

What IS Learning Ears®?

Learning Ears® provides advanced auditory stimulation and voice training to improve a person's ability to understand and process information.

Listening is an active process and requires intention and specific abilities to be able to receive and understand information from our body and our environment.

Not only does our auditory system protect us from noises and sounds we do not want to hear, it also provides energy to the brain and body that results in effective processing and thinking necessary for coordination, movement, balance, language and literacy.

In order to be a functional learner, an individual must be able to listen and think, read and think, and say what he wants to say in a few words. The ability to accurately read and receive oral language is critical.

In our experience, the majority of comprehension problems are related to poor decoding of written material and weak receptive language for oral material. When words are not read or heard accurately and efficiently, comprehension will be compromised.

What is Ear/Voice Phonics?

A phase of Learning Ears used to solidify skills necessary for successful

reading and language fluency. There are over 100 exercises which can be modified to meet the specific goals of the learner.

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"This book is a must read for any professional or parent who wants to positively impact the life of a struggling adult or child."

-Alex Doman, Advanced Brain Technologies

This is the answer you've been looking for.

  • Focus and Attention
  • Self-Confidence
  • Memory and Following Directions
  • Comprehension of what is heard and said
  • Expression of thoughts and ideas
  • Fluent and Accurate Reading
  • Thinking, Understanding and Problem Solving
  • Movement and Coordination
  • Motivation, Energy and Stamina for Learning
  • Communication and Social Behavior

Learning Ears give you access to parent training programs and a host of strategies to deliver program success for:

  • Behavior
  • Sleep
  • Motivation
  • Attention
  • Nutrition

Tips and Secrets from 55 years of educational experience!

Gayle Moyers has helped more than 2700 students and 500 adults achieve their potential. Her Learning Ears® System teaches your brain how to connect the pieces that disrupt your thinking.

From ADHD to Dyslexia to Spectrum classifications, The Learning Ears® System will teach your brain how to overcome challenges that have been diagnosed as insurmountable.

New Reading And Concentration Plan Leaves You With Kids Who Outperform their peers.

Mother of 12-year old private school student with school anxiety and tremendous challenges with comprehension: "We are thrilled with the changes our son has made. We can't believe how fast he is catching on to everything now. He is getting good grades and even he feels that Learning Ears® has helped.

Grandmother of 7-year old boy with severe articulation, language, and learning disabilities: "His articulation is getting much clearer. He is able to pronounce G and F more easily. I can understand him on the phone now. He can remember the names of some of his friends. These are big changes!"

Mother of 12-year old girl with reading comprehension difficulties: "Her reading comprehension has improved. Now she enjoys reading and wants to see what happens next. When she reads aloud, she reads with intonation. Her attention is better."

Mother of 13-year old home-schooled dyslexic boy: "I am amazed at the changes in my son. He is now reading for hours and can tell me about the reading material. His is noticing and correcting his own errors more often."

  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Born less than 2 lbs.
  • Brain Injuries
  • Before Learning Ears®
  • Couldn't put sounds and words together
  • Homework was 4X recommended time
  • Failing Standardized Tests
  • Struggling to be average
  • After Learning Ears®
  • Passing Standardized Tests
  • "Biggest shock of my life"-Nancy Joe
  • Honor Roll and AP Classes 3.44 GPA

Great New Reading And Concentration Discovery To Help Kids Read Quick!

  • "Improved listening comprehension"
  • "Clearer speech and better articulation"
  • "Improved reading fluency"
  • "More focused and attentive"
  • "Better voice control and volume"
  • "Calmer, more relaxed"
  • "Not using same sentences over and over in writing"
  • 9 Foster Homes
  • Labeled ADHD
  • Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
  • Disordered Childhood Diagnosis
  • Autistic from age 3
  • Before Learning Ears
  • " I floated through life and didn't feel important", Jonathan
  • After Learning Ears
  • "I noticed a huge difference within 6 weeks"
  • Reading independently and comprehending
  • Writing at a very advanced level
  • Writing poetry
  • Sense of self
  • Able to respond to parental input on his behavior
  • Able to connect verbally
  • Able to communicate at school
  • "I feel important and want to improve myself"
  • "I'm really happy now and I strive to do better"

They Grinned When The Other Parents Asked How Their Kids Overcame Reading and Attention Labels.

Mother of 16 year old girl with Asperger characteristics: "She is able to get up in the morning easier. She is calmer and doesn't need things repeated as much. Her handwriting is much better and she can stay on task for longer periods of time."

Mother of 7 year old boy with serious language, attention, and reading difficulties: "My son's reading has improved dramatically. It is faster and more fluent. He is more aware of his surroundings and he is using more language."

Mother of 7-year old boy diagnosed with high functioning autism: "He now communicates solely with words and is thriving socially because of his increase in language."

Mother of 14-year old boy with language, reading and comprehension challenges: "He has certainly grown scholastically in ALL areas of his school work and socially, the difference is quite dramatic as well."

Avoid The Most Expensive Reading And Concentration Mistake of Your Life

Are You Ready to Help Your Child Read Like a Pro?

Especially if your student has been labeled and school or other programs have failed.

PS. It's a fraction of the cost of tutoring!!!

  • Stunning reading improvement
  • Math Improvement...without any math tutoring!
  • Massive improvements in self-awareness and self image
  • Students who can't read "miraculously" learn to read
  • Works for Students with ADD label
  • Works for students with ADHD label
  • Works for students with Dyslexia label
  • Works for students on the Autism Spectrum label
  • End your family fights over homework
  • Students learn to love learning!
  • You can't even imagine who much this will help your student's confidence
  • End Test Anxiety...your student will be able to take tests without special accommodations
  • End your frustration and watch your student flourish in confidence and competence!

How To Help Their Kids Read... Use Learning Ears® And Follow The Easy Directions

Math: "Karen came to the Moyers Center because she was failing math. Without any math tutoring she earned her first "A" in just three weeks of Learning Ears."

Dyslexia Resolves: Ellen, a sixty year old had been labeled her whole life. When she took learning ears she said "I never heard the vowel sounds in those words before." Dyslexia resolved.

Dyslexia Resolves: Tina, an eight year old was referred for dyslexia and visual processing disorder. She said, "My ears trick me, I cannot tell if what I say matches what I see." Dyslexia Resolved. It wasn't visual, it was auditory.

48th to 98th percentile in math: By the time that Jack finished his Learning Ears® program, his math scores had shot up to the 98th percentile on the standardized testing...with just ONE session on math!!!

Parents Everywhere Are Raving About This Amazing New Reading And Concentration Tool

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